Welcome to the ZEUS Experiment in Padova

via Marzolo 8, 35100 Padova, Italy
Phone:(+39) (49) 844 111 Fax: (+39) (49) 844 245,

This is the Experiment Padova group home page. List of ZEUS notes.

BMUON online HELP page
BMUON doc local documentation

Padova-DESY network monitoring plots

Funnel online help.

Funnel production statistics (in Padova)

Some CERN manuals are available and some local documentation can be found in /zeus/DOCS directory.

Other documents

LSF Users quick reference guide

PDG online

PDG Particle Data Group WWW page

Other access points:

  • INFN - Padova home page
  • BaBar - Padova home page

  • Phone directories:

    l'elenco dei telefoni di Fisica a Padova
    phonebook dell'INFN che usa X500
    Phonebook del CERN con numero di uffici ed indirizzi E-mail.

    Workstation vendors access points:

  • Workstation Vendors
  • WWW tools

  • ArchiePlexForm: to perform searches on the internet.

  • Please mail suggestions or comments regarding our WWW server to Roberto Stroili